Learn about how we can integrate our professional tutoring and targeted academic support services into your school or community organization.

Tutorpedia Foundation exists to complement the important work that our community partners are doing, and we are proud to partner with Bay Area schools and nonprofits to provide integrated, personalized academic support for their students.

TF’s program model is designed to integrate directly with partners to compliment and enhance teaching and services already being provided. TF communicates directly with teachers and education stakeholders to make the most out of 1-1 tutoring and project-based workshops. Our targeted academic support model is comprehensive – TF tutors work collaboratively with students, staff, teachers, and parents. In this way, we can develop and implement a customized program for each of our partners that will provide the best support not only to students, but also to our school and community partners as well.

We know that relationships matter more than anything else, and 1-1 instruction is the most effective way to learn. We also know that many schools and community organizations have aspirations for what they’re able to offer their students in terms of academic support, but have difficulty providing such support on their own due to staff or resource limitations. By partnering with Tutorpedia Foundation, schools and nonprofits are able to give students professional, personalized, and targeted academic support in ways they otherwise could not. Students who meet with our tutors not only improve in their grades and test scores, but also improve their class participation, attendance, homework completion, and motivation in school. Furthermore, we see 1-1 tutoring improving students’ self-efficacy and desire to become lifelong learners. Our tutors help students graduate high school with the credentials, skills, and drive to succeed in college and careers of their choice.

TF has successfully partnered with:

  • Education Nonprofits that want to improve their targeted academic support services,such as:
    • First Graduate, Juma Ventures, Aim High, Huckleberry Wellness Academy, and the Canal Alliance
  • Public and Charter Schools that want to improve their services to students who would greatly benefit from personalized tutoring, such as:
    • Summit Public Schools, SFUSD (Mission High School, James Lick Middle School), and City College of San Francisco
  • Independent Schools that want to improve how they serve their students who receive financial assistance, such as:
    • Sacred Heart Preparatory and the Bay School

If you work with an education nonprofit or school that serves under-resourced students in the Bay Area, we would love to talk with you further about working collaboratively to better serve your students. Please be in touch with Program Director David Taus via email or phone at (415) 948-1585 to explore what’s possible. We look forward to working with you and your students!

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